The key to keep medical gas and vacuum pipeline systems free from toxic substances and avoid
interruptions is to seal the system completely from the outside environment. The main way to
achieve this is to use system components with minimal number of connectors and transitions.
The mating surfaces have to be flat and clean for a seamless transition.During installation
and commissioning of the system, safety precautions have to be taken.

Qmt science is a supplier of advanced products to customers in the manufacturing, process and pharmaceutical industry with exceptional requirements on cleanliness, surface plane and density levels. Qmt science has a great diversity of devices, filters, valves connectors, pipes and pipe components for complex system requirements. Qmt science integrates specialized components into complete customized solutions.

Our strength is advanced manufacturing for industrial applications including safety gas welding, orbital welding using specialist from the whole company, thanks to effective cross-business unit collaboration. By combining a fully controlled in-house R&D organization with a comprehensive component supply from the leading manufactures around the world, Qmt is confident to meet the demands of today and the future.

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